Here is an overview of the packages being offered by the different cruise lines!

The sale of cruise packages is carried out either through your travel agent or directly via the cruise lines by telephone or over the Internet.

Did you know that you need your passport to travel on these cruise ships?

  • Grand Canada, Greenland, Iceland & Northern Lights

    35 nights
    Departure(s) on
    September 4 2021
    Complete Itinerary: London (United Kingdom); Lerwick (United Kingdom); Torshavn (Faroes Islands); Narsarsuaq (Greenland); Qaqortoq (Greenland); St. John's (Newfoundland); Halifax (Nova Scotia); Charlottetown (Prince Edouard Island); Montreal (Québec); Quebec City (Québec); Saguenay (Québec); Baie-Comeau (Québec); Havre-Saint-Pierre (Québec); Corner Brook (Newfoundland); Îles de la Madeleine (Québec); Sydney (Nova Scotia); Reykjavik (Iceland); London (United Kingdom)