Sept-Îles sits at the point where one of the world's greatest rivers meets the sea. Located north of the 50th parallel, the region is famed for its deep-sea port able to welcome the biggest ships. With a diverse mix of cultures and rich natural resources, this cradle of the Innu community has welcomed countless trappers and fishermen over the years. Its stunning archipelago, beautiful sand beaches, vast boreal forest, and countless sights and activities mean there's something magical to discover at every turn. From backcountry to beaches, Sept-Îles is the vibrant heart of a region know for its warm hospitality, and seven breathtaking islands ready to welcome you with adventures and natural wonders.


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What to do

  • Innu Camp

    Quebec, CANADA

  • Archipel des Sept-Îles - Archipelago

    Quebec, CANADA

  • Musée Shaputuan - Museum

    290 Boulevard des Montagnais
    Sept-Îles, Quebec, CANADA

  • Vieux poste de Sept-Îles - Old Trading Post

    Rue Shimun
    Sept-Îles, Quebec, CANADA

  • Grande Basque Island

    385 Avenue Arnaud
    Sept-Îles, Quebec, CANADA

  • Musée régional de la Côte-Nord - Regional Museum

    500 boulevard Laure
    Sept-Îles, Quebec, CANADA